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  • Here's some more great pictures of Alaska Vistas in Wrangell, AK.

  • I always enjoy hearing how are boats are doing, getting pictures and knowing how something we produced can have an effect. These pictures and the following excerpt is something that I received from our Arctic customers, Kerry & Irene. They live in Kugluktuk, Nunavut, Canada. It was an adventure to deliver the boat to them boating ~1000 miles on the Mackenzie River then another ~1000 miles across the Beaufort Sea. Sounds like the adventure of using it continues as they explore their area including the Coppermine River.

    "HI Bryan the boat is fantastic and we spend as much time on it in the summer as we can steal. We manage around 100 hours a summer and could easily double that only Irene & I are still working full time. We think of you guys all the time and what an extra ordinary time we had putting the boat together and getting it up here. I have Lenny's book on the coffee table in the lounge of the hotel and the story is told every day. In fact we have some young fellows in the hotel today from Whitehorse Yukon doing some staking south of here. Turns out they are jet boat enthusiast and own smaller boats for use on the Yukon rivers. They simple could not believe the book or the boat in this part of the country or the story on how it got up here. They are familiar with your companies back ground and the impact you have had on the industry and it blew them away to take them over to the shop and let them climb all over the boat. We lucked out on the weather that year as it has been a late spring ever since and nobody has done that trip in the time frame you and the crew did. Or even attempted it for that matter. The boat has had a big impact on our lives, getting us out to see a country very few ever have the opportunity to see. And to do it in the comfort and safety that boat provides just blows us away. We think of you fellows every time we step on the boat. Take care and say hello to everyone for us. Kerry & Irene."