USCG Passenger Certified – Freshwater

freshwater_largeOur commercial US Coast Guard certified passenger vessels have continually been refined since our first certified passenger vessel built in 1978 (still in operation today). There are unique challenges in safely carrying passengers on the rugged whitewater rivers our boats operate in. Vessel builds must stay light enough to keep draft low, maneuverability and efficiency high while still maintaining the hull strength for potential rock impacts and long term business operations. We have continued to improve each of our builds as new technologies in materials and equipment becomes available. Additionally our personal knowledge base deepens over time as we get the opportunity to watch our vessels operate and receive customer feedback. We have developed our build standards and pioneered features within our boats to so that our customers can operate in shallow rivers with large whitewater rapids safely and efficiently keeping operational costs low and providing long hull lives.
  • Delta pad bottoms for greater shallow running capabilities and load carrying
  • Stick Steering for quick response and maneuverability
  • Sled Shaped Bows for additional lift and reduction in shearing
  • Center/forward helm for increased visibility
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Client Testimonials

killgore_testimonial Kurt Killgore
Killgore Adventures
HCO 1, Box 160
White Bird, Idaho 83554
Telephone: (800) 469-8757
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Kurt Killgore ~ Killgore Adventures ~ White Bird, ID

Dear Darell and Bryan, We wanted to let you know how pleased we are and how much we are enjoying our new triple engine 36 foot Tour Boat. After running the new boat for one season, we can testify that the boat performs better than we had anticipated and the fuel consumption is less gallons per hour than anticipated. Your outstanding hull design and the combination of pumps and engines you selected, allows for “Zero” cavitation through the Class IV & V rapids, which is of vital importance from a safety standpoint. The boat’s maneuverability through Wild Sheep and Granite Creek rapids along with its durability, power and ease in controlling, definitely makes this, “the boat” for the Wild River section of Hells Canyon that we run almost every day in the primary season. Our 28 foot twin engine fishing and tour boat also performs equally well in the Wild River section. Owning both Bentz Boats, the 28 foot twin and the 36 foot tripple, allows us to safely provide trips at almost all water levels. Thank you for the superior design, workmanship and timely delivery of our newest 36 foot Bentz Boat. We look forward to many years of quality performance from both our boats. We will be back. Best regards, Kurt Killgore
canyonquest42 Butch & Debbie Odegaard
River Quest Excursions
3665 Snake River Avenue
Lewiston, ID 83501
Telephone: (800) 589-1129
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Butch & Debbie Odegaard ~ River Quest Excursions ~ Lewiston, ID

We are the proud owners of a 42 foot (55 passenger certified) Bentz Boat. Our boat is used mainly on the Snake River, from Lewiston, ID, traveling 91 miles into Hell Canyon. We travel through class III and the occasional class IV rapid. It is a delight to drive. The steering response in tight, sharp corners is amazing. We had very low water conditions in our 2001 summer season and this boat handled the challenges easily. We occasionally offer trips from Lewiston, ID to Tri City, WA. The Snake River is dammed in 40 mile reservoirs on this section. There are no rapids in this section but the wind can be a real obstacle in this 160 mile stretch. We often encounter 3-4 foot waves, spaced very close together. We are still able to travel at 35-38 mph, with an exceptionally smooth ride. Our passengers, especially those that have ridden in other jet boats, are amazed at how well the boat rides. This boat is powered with three 460 cubic inch, Redline gas motors and is matched to Hamilton’s 241 jet pumps. With groups between 40-50 passengers, running at 3200 RPM’s and at approximately 35 mph, gas consumption is approximately 45 gallons per hour. As you can tell, we love our Bentz Boat. Butch and Debbie Odegaard
brett_testimonial Bret Armacost
Hells Canyon Adventures
3363 S. Bridgeport Ln.
Boise, ID 83706
Telephone: (208) 343-2981
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View Spec. Sheet-Gusto Del Rio II

Bret Armacost ~ Hells Canyon Adventures ~ Oxbow, Oregon

Our company, Hells Canyon Adventures, operates in some of the biggest white water rapids left in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. We've had numerous jet boats ranging in size from a 23' single to a 40 triple engine boat. The longest boat we've ever run was a 33' Bentz boat. It had over 8000 hours when we sold it to a passenger taxi business in Guyana, South America! At the time this was the most enjoyable, smoothest running boat I'd run. We replaced it with a 40' triple engine boat. As requested, Bentz Boats copied the hull design of the 33' boat for our new 40 foot triple. As a result, the 40 foot boat also has an exceptionally smooth handling hull design in large white water rapids. So far, in 700 plus hours we haven't found the limits of this boat yet! If you are looking for a white water jet boat that will run for many long hard hours I encourage you to call the guys at Bentz Boats, they have certainly taken good care of us since 1983. Personally I have had the opportunity to run many boats on a test basis ranging in size from an 18' outboard to a 44' triple engine configuration. Some of my most enjoyable life experiences have been opportunities to explore rivers in other parts of the world that had never been jet boated before. If you would like to chat give me a call. Jet boating on rivers has taken up the last 23 years of my life.


Matt & Mark Keogh
Alaska River Excursions
View Spec. Sheet

Matt & Mark Keogh ~ Alaska River Excursions ~ Talkeetna, Alaska

Alaska River Excursions operates Jet Boat Tours on the Susitna and Talkeetna Rivers located in south central Alaska. Both of these rivers are glacial fed, which means the water depth can fluctuate several feet on a daily basis. We run in all classifications of water from six inches deep to heavy white water. We spent two years researching the best manufacturers of multi-engine aluminum jet boats in the U.S. There was seven specific criteria that we were looking for in a jet boat for our business: shallow water capability, extreme durability, precision handling, low maintenance, comfortable passenger seating, aesthetically pleasing design and superior product support by the manufacturer. We found everything we were looking for at Bentz Boats, Steve Nightingale was our first contact. After explaining to Steve what we were looking for, he knew immediately the boat that would fit our needs; a 28' twin engine model that was as beautiful in form as it is in function. We are so pleased with our first boat that we have another 28' twin currently being built for the spring of 2000. Once you have taken a ride in a Bentz Boat and observed the quality craftsmanship and outstanding performance, we think you'll agree, it's the finest jet boat made.