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5 months ago

Bentz Boats

Our ProX series of recreational boats continues to be a popular build with families, sportsmen, camping and boating enthusiasts. The most recent completion is a build grown to 24' with the availability of additional power from Indmar Marine Engines in their newest 460 Raptor motor that is a great match to HamiltonJet Global 212, 213 or 241 with a 4.0Kw turbo impeller. ...


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Beautiful machine!

Best on the river! What a beauty!!


Awesome! Nice work!

That is awesome. What a great looking boat.

Looks nice!

Now I just need to finish mine! Looks awesome guys!

HamiltonJet Global

Wow beautiful.

Cory Armstrong more glazed windows

Best boats built

Daryl would be proud of that one.. keep it up Brian. Miss your Dad.....hi to Bonnie. Terry

Which pump was selected here? Beautiful Boat!

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6 months ago

Bentz Boats

What do you do when your 1992 Bentz Boat isn't ready for an elk hunt? You go even older school and break out the 1972 Bentz Boat still charging up the Salmon River originally built for "Pappy" Bentz and now 3rd generation Bentz owned. Still packs gear and meat like it did in 1972 just not horses and mules like it once did! ...


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Blair Hill check this out

Is that the old Pappy "super bottom" version?

Awesome, I think we were up there near you guys a couple of years ago if I'm not mistaken. Guy named Brandon in your crew?

Good luck this year!! Weather looks perfect!

Saw you in camp, just didn't have time to stop. How was the trail from Wind River?

Larry Pacola

Sonno Sahadeo

Michael Luther

You never knew What that Bentz crew Was gonna do

Jeff Lefore

Trudy Carpenter

Thanks for the help Saturday morning!! Who was the gentleman you introduced me to again? My family was very impressed! Thanks again

Lots of great memories on that boat!


Could you imagine taking a horse

Nothing too tough for the Bentz boys. skip

Looks just like a Hewes Craft to me

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9 months ago

Bentz Boats

Check out Alaska Travel Adventures vessels "North Star" and their newest "Sea Star" while in Juneau this summer for whale watching excitement.


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Bents boats? Cool

Bentz sorry auto correct

Any pictures of the Sea Star in action yet?

HamiltonJet Global

Now that is really cool! Whale watching one of my favorite things in life!

This is so neat!

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9 months ago

Bentz Boats

Sharp 2015 21' Bentz demo boat for sale, 10 hours total. Currently at White Water Marine in Boise. For full specs go to our web page listing at: ...

Sharp 2015 21 Bentz demo boat for sale, 10 hours total. Currently at White Water Marine in Boise. For full specs go to our web page listing at:


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Brandy Bonnalie Garrett

Breanna McKay

Wish List!

It's hard for me to demo it for the summer when its down in Boise Bryan Bentz?!?!

Brian Loop pretty nice

It's an awesome boat. I had the opportunity to check it out right before completion. Fits me perfect other than the pricetag. My dream boat for sure. And Bryan has been awesome when I drop in to poke around.

Dan Baker this would be perfect!

Jeff Reinmuth Trish White Reinmuth

RJ Gallagher this is more like it!

I'm sorry but that boat isn't worth 88k. Ridiculously priced.

Griffin Murphy

Yeah Sam Wing there you go


Nice work!!

Are there any 23-24’ boats in the dealer network?

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10 months ago

Bentz Boats

As the 4th of July nears these pictures of are worth sharing again... ...


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Beautiful boat!! Happy 4th Bentz Family!!!

I wonder who's beautiful boat this is 😉 Chanelle Youren


Ok now I know it floats can't wait to see it run

Ryder Johnson

Happy 4th Dean Mills!

I had the opportunity of looking at this boat in person today. She's a beauty

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