Recreational Boats Customer Inquiry Form

The inquiry form is designed to start our bid process. There are many options available when building a custom boat which will vary the pricing significantly so we need the information as detailed as possible. Once we receive this information, we can give you the price range for the basic boat you are interested in.

May we call you for additional information if need be?
How did you learn of Bentz Boats?
Is this your first Jet Boat, if not, what type of boats have you owned?
Will the boat be used for recreational or commercial purposes?
Approximate length of boat wanted?
How will your new boat be used?
What type of water conditions will the boat operate in? (coastal, rivers, lakes)
Salt or freshwater?
Special water conditions? (sea swells, chop, whitewater, silt laden)
Area the boat will operate in?
Driver seating requirements? (starboard, center or port steer)
Top requirements? (marine grade vinyl top, aluminum hard top or none)
Side Windows? (removable clear vinyl side curtains or fixed sliding windows)
Flooring requirement? (aluminum diamond tread, plywood covered with marine grade vinyl, carpet or bed liner material)
Paint? (anti-fouling paint or striping requirements)
Electronics requirements? (GPS, VHF, depth sounder, fish finder, etc...)
Stereo & speaker requirements?
Fuel Preference - Diesel or Gas?
Do you have a specific timeline in which you need the boat?
Any other special requirements or needs?
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