26′ Twin Gasoline

Larry and Joyce Hansen of Plummer, Idaho wanted a boat that would safely handle the tough whitewater of upper Hell’s Canyon and the technical waters of the Salmon River.

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“Bryan and Darell Bentz, On Friday January 20th, 2006 I was in Hells Canyon with my 26 foot Bentz twin. I had 10 of my very good friends with me for the day fishing/sightseeing. Hells Canyon Dam was releasing around 25,000 cubic feet of water that day making the two largest rapids in Hells Canyon 1) Wild Sheep and 2) Granite creek rapids extremely difficult (white knuckles). Wild sheep and Granite creek are difficult regardless of the water flow, but every 1,000 cfs makes a huge difference in the outcome. That day, we had eleven grown men, coolers and stuff…. It amazed me to drive that boat up and down those extremely difficult rapids and feel like the boat was taming the rapids. A person would only understand if they’ve been there. I would have only attempted that with one of your boats. Thank you for providing my family, friends and self the great memories and safe trips. I also want to thank you for pioneering so many things within the Jet Boat industry. Jet Boats in general are better today, because of your time tested creativity, attention to detail and leadership. Thank You!!! “
Paul Hanson ~ 26′ Twin Gas Recreational ~ Moscow, ID