26′ Twin Gasoline

Gary Sparks of Nyssa, Oregon needed a boat to access his property on the Upper Salmon River which would handle the technical water and as a recreational boat for both the Snake and Salmon Rivers.

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“I really don’t know how to describe my Bentz Boat. It is functional, powerful, extreme, comfortable, efficient, user friendly, low maintenance, or just plain right. It is undoubtedly the best piece of equipment I have ever owned. The Bentz Bow is perfect beyond belief. The lift in big water simply makes it possible to go where others could not go before. I have hauled excessively large loads through big water when other boats were unable to travel and have never experienced the common problem of knifing. The Hamilton pumps with perfectly matched Chevy Vortex engines allows me to run as low as 2800 RPM, burning around 12 gallons per hour average. Visibility is crucial. The center operators station has got to be heaven sent. It not only allows for the best visibility, but also makes for easier judgment calls in big or shallow water when a few inches makes the difference in success or failure. The left hand stick steering works really well. This enables throttle control with the dominant right hand and other functions. It takes a little getting used to, maybe a day in Hells Canyon, but the bell and crank system by Bentz is so smooth and effortless it soon becomes second nature with low driver fatigue on long runs. Several jet boaters have commented on the hydraulic reverse gates. Boys, I have got to tell you it is the best thing since sliced cheese. Those manual handles and steering wheels went out with the 80’s. Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of time on those too. Even a mature male can easily adopt to the stick steering and hydraulic reverse gates with little basic effort. The other topic most jet boaters bring up is price. Well, you do have to step up a bit, but value also has to be a big part of the equation. In my book, I truly believe the Bentz Boat is a valuable investment, you simply get what you pay for. My Bentz Boat is like my favorite saddle mule, ‘Well that’s my pony sir, and I say she ain’t for sale’.”
Gary Sparks ~ 26′ Twin Gas Recreational ~ Nyssa, Oregon