Idaho Power’s work requires that they continually perform water testing, fisheries studies and river mapping predominantly within the upper reaches of Hell’s Canyon, some of the toughest whitewater found anywhere in the world.

The 30′ twin is powered by Yanmar 6LP-STP, 315 hp diesel engines and coupled to Hamilton 241s with 4.0 turbo impellers. This power packages gives them tremendous thrust capabilities to handle the widely fluctuating river conditions they encounter plus superior fuel economy for the extended work trips that they perform. A multiple of specialty items were incorporated into the boat in order to perform their work requirements. Items include a battery bank system and inverter with GFCI outlets throughout the boat to power computer and telemetry equipment, specialized work stations, removable soft top section from hardtop, stainless steel bow wrap and stomp grates to remove vegetative matter that can be encountered.

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