Our commercial US Coast Guard certified passenger vessels have continually been refined since our first certified passenger vessel built in 1978 (still in operation today). There are unique challenges in safely carrying passengers on the rugged whitewater rivers our boats operate in. Vessel builds must stay light enough to keep draft low, maneuverability and efficiency high while still maintaining the hull strength for potential rock impacts and long term business operations. We have continued to improve each of our builds as new technologies in materials and equipment becomes available. Additionally our personal knowledge base deepens over time as we get the opportunity to watch our vessels operate and receive customer feedback. We have developed our build standards and pioneered features within our boats to so that our customers can operate in shallow rivers with large whitewater rapids safely and efficiently keeping operational costs low and providing long hull lives.

  • Delta pad bottoms for greater shallow running capabilities and load carrying
  • Stick Steering for quick response and maneuverability
  • Sled Shaped Bows for additional lift and reduction in shearing
  • Center/forward helm for increased visibility