Idaho Power’s work requires that they continually perform water testing, fisheries studies and river mapping predominantly throughout the upper reaches of the Snake River.

The 25′ single is powered by a Kodiak Marin 8.1L, 390 hp gas engine coupled to a Hamilton 241 with 4.0 turbo impeller. This specialty boat was designed to predominantly perform fisheries work including transport of adults sturgeon. With a 9′ long removable sturgeon tank and overhead hoist system the boat is capable of safely transporting these fish during fisheries work. Specialty items include an onboard water system with multiple outlet ports, battery bank with inverter system to provide needed onboard power, multilevel work deck spaces, considerable equipment storage throughout the boat and a removable cabin for varying weather conditions. Also incorporated was a stainless steel stomp grate, stainless steel bow wrap and multi location cleats.

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